UT Rugby Football Club
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World Class Rugby


This is Texas

- Flagship university of the UT System

- Over 50,000 students from 118 countries

- Over 150 undergraduate degree programs



Considered a "public Ivy", UT Austin provides strong peer tutoring and career support services to ensure the success of each and every Longhorn. It is one of the few universities to simultaneously achieve high rankings for both its STEM and liberal arts programs. 

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At UT, you will compete in the D1A level of collegiate rugby. Division 1A is an elite collegiate rugby competition sanctioned and administered by USA Rugby. The league features 51 teams competing in seven conferences: Big Ten, California, East, Mid-South, PAC, Red River, and West. The twelve highest ranking teams among all the seven conferences qualify for the post-season playoffs. Playoffs consist of three rounds of single elimination matches leading to the D1A National Championship match. 

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Red River Rugby

The Red River Rugby Conference (RRRC) is UT’s division within D1A Rugby. It consists of ten teams: UT Austin, Texas A&M, Oklahoma University, Texas Tech University, University of Houston, Baylor University, University of Arkansas, Texas Christian University, Louisiana State University, and the University of North Texas. The conference is structured into two divisions: the RRRC North and RRRC South. The top ranked teams from the north and south play each other in the RRRC championship at the end of the season. 

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Rugby 7's

UT also competes in rugby 7’s alongside 15’s. Players are encouraged to take part in both competitions. The RRRC has a 7’s season that consists of two qualifying tournaments for each division, followed by a conference championship tournament. The winner of the tournament qualifies for the college 7’s national championship. 



A regular season week involves three early morning strength and conditioning sessions, two full rugby trainings, and a run-through. This usually ends up being less than fifteen hours of training a week, but it has given us incredible results. Our experienced coaching staff allows the team to be taught efficiently while still leaving enough time for students to perform well in school.



Our strength and conditioning program is designed by Marco Martinez, a celebrated strength and speed coach in the Austin area.  Our program focuses on muscular endurance, power endurance, and explosiveness. The program uses the player’s bodyweight in order to give them the functional strength they need to compete at the highest levels of rugby.