Player Profile: Wali Hassan

What's your favorite UT Rugby memory?

So far my favorite is winning the UT Rugby 2nd Side Player of the Year for the 2016-2017 season. It’s some tangible proof that I’ve gone from confused new guy to somewhat skilled player.

Why did you start playing rugby? What are your favorite rugby memories before you started playing for UT?

To be honest I was talking to someone on the women’s team and she recommended I give rugby a shot. A while after that I thought, why not and stuck with it ever since. Prior to UT I’ve never even so much as watched a rugby game.

What do you like the most about our program? How does it shape up to other programs you have been involved with?

I like the camaraderie and the culture we’ve developed under the current coaching staff. Also, your hard work gets noticed so you never feel like being lost in the shuffle.

Favorite memory from UT in general?

Being on the UT cheer squad is definitely up there. It was a short-lived experience but it was really fun while it lasted!

How has rugby shaped your Longhorn experience?

It’s definitely given me something to strive and train for outside of schoolwork. I never allow myself to get so buried by schoolwork that I neglect any physical training.

What do you plan to do once you're out of college?

I plan on possibly continuing my military career and/or looking for a job in the intelligence field on the civilian side, either in an agency or contracting company.

Advice for new players or any rugby player in general?

Work out EVERYTHING. Cardio, strength, muscle endurance, explosiveness, you need it ALL. Also expect to mess up and just be a sponge, everything will eventually click. Just stick with it and keep working and learning.

Favorite food? Weird fact about you?

As for favorite foods, I just love to eat. I’ve been learning some new recipes to expand my cooking horizons from spaghetti and chicken/rice and I’ve been killing it so far. As for fun facts, I’ve done martial arts since the 2nd grade, I’ve fenced and played (horse) polo.

Anything else?

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