Player Profile: Kevin Heaton

What's your favorite UT Rugby memory?

My favorite memory playing rugby would have to be traveling out to Cal Berkeley. Playing in a top-level facility against some of the best in the nation was an experience I will never forget.

Why did you start playing rugby? What are your favorite rugby memories before you started playing for UT?

I started playing rugby because I missed being competitive. I missed grinding through practices and being able to compete against others. Rugby sounded like the most legit and fun way to be able to do that.

What do you like the most about our program? How does it shape up to other programs you have been involved with?

The best thing about the program is all the dudes you meet and get to hang around with. I don't think I've met a more welcoming group of people at UT.

Favorite memory from UT in general?

Picking one favorite memory is hard. I think the atmosphere would be my best answer. Whether you are at football games on Saturday or studying in the PCL for a big test, there's a place for everyone and an atmosphere that we are all going through this together.

How has rugby shaped your Longhorn experience?

Rugby gave me many leadership opportunities as well as building on core values such as respect, integrity, and teamwork. It really made me feel like an important part of the university and that I got to represent the burnt orange in ways other than academics.

What do you plan to do once you're out of college?

After graduation, I'd like to find a job teaching and coaching somewhere in the Austin area. I've grown to love this city and want to give back to it.

Advice for new players or any rugby player in general?

Always give your best. If you go 100% all the time and take the coaching given to you, you will be surprised how quickly you go from a bench B side player to starting on the A side.

Favorite food? Weird fact about you?

I am the "black sheep" in my family. My mom, dad, sister, and grandparents all went to Oklahoma State University. I was also the only one born in Texas so I guess it is fitting I ended up at UT.

Favorite Quote

"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift." - Steve Prefontaine

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