Player Profile: Robert "Bobby" Hughes

What's your favorite UT Rugby memory?

Beating OU in 15s on a Friday night and then again in 7's the next day.

Why did you start playing rugby? What are your favorite rugby memories before you started playing for UT?

I started from a young age because my whole family (especially dad) was involved and liked the sport. I began around the time England were World Cup winners which watching the final is one of my earliest memories. My favourite memories include playing at Twickenham (England's home stadium), winning a national plate final with my club, reaching national schools cup with my school. My best one was probably my 3 week tour to South Africa with school playing some of the best SA schools including junior springboks.

What do you like the most about our program? How does it shape up to other programs you have been involved with?

My favourite thing about UT is the development. Coming from a rugby background, I love seeing people who are brand new to the sport enjoying it as much as I do. It's great to be a part of helping guys and the team as a whole grow and improve as the season goes on. Compared to other programs I've been involved with, naturally we focus a lot more on the basics but this is always vital to practice for everyone despite experience levels.

Favorite memory from UT in general?

The rugby team (as in the players who I sweat, bleed and hang out with every week)

How has rugby shaped your Longhorn experience?

Hugely, it’s a community you can walk into not knowing anyone and can be sure that you're going to have a good time and make friends. It’s good fun both on and off the pitch, a good way to stay fit, and also a good way to have fun and socialise.

What do you plan to do once you're out of college?

I want to see what happens with rugby first. If I can play pro, I'd love to have the opportunity. If not, then I'm not sure, but hopefully something active/outdoors based would suit me!

Advice for new players or any rugby player in general?

A biggie would have to be just to make sure you have fun. It's a game with your mates and it should always be enjoyable. Never take yourself too serious just have a laugh really.

Favorite food? Weird fact about you?

My favourite food is steak! I have 4 brothers and I'm English.

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